A Plea To Women Everywhere: Stop Dating and Having Sex With Losers

Brian Brewington
5 min readSep 29, 2017
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Everyday I see it. Or even worse, I see the after effects of it. I see the stressed out Mother who is doing all she can in this world for her kid. No Father around to help because he left or simply never stayed to begin with.

That is one of the quickest ways to become a loser, an ultimate failure. The only way to truly fail at parenthood is to walk out of your child’s life. You can not impregnate a woman, refuse to take responsibility for it and still call yourself a man. I know boys who have done better. Boys who weren’t ready to be a Father but got ready. Because they refused to be the alternative.

While there is no excuse for not supporting, loving and raising a child you helped create — there is a way to avoid such a situation altogether. The solution is to date better quality people. To stop choosing who you sleep with based off such terribly flawed and superficial reasons. The tell tale signs of a terrible person are usually all there, we just choose to ignore them in the name of “love”. In the name of not being alone. For a night of pleasure.

Everyday I see single mothers I know or used to know rant on Facebook about the men THEY DECIDED to sleep with. The one whose baby they decided to give birth to. The same man who made it painfully obvious beforehand that he was not a good person. That if you were to get pregnant, his only offering would be abortion money before he walked out of your life forever.

When abortions became legal and thus more commonplace in 1973 after the Roe V. Wade decision was handed down by the supreme court, a very peculiar thing began happening. Crime stats all over the country began declining. Police in cities from your coast to mine would take credit for it, citing new strategies and training techniques for the decline. They were wrong, police have never been a strong deterrent of crime. They just come and lock you up after you commit one, literally contributing to the crime stats.

What was actually happening was, less Mothers were having kids by losers. They were given an alternative to having a baby by a dead beat. Mothers who would never be able to afford raising a child on their own, were no longer necessarily forced to do so. Agree with it or not — this is not about the morality of abortion, just the harsh realities of it.

So in turn what began happening was a decrease in crime. Crime is often committed out of desperation. Very few people grow up saying “ I want to rob convenient stores and commit petty thefts when I grow up”. Poverty forces their hand, or at least they think it does. Fathers who walk out on struggling mothers, ones who don’t have an income because they are busy raising their child, help create criminals. They contribute to the poverty, so there is a good chance they are inadvertently but consequentially contributing to the crime stats of the future. Desperation equals crime, more often than not. It becomes survival.

Whether you are pro life or pro choice, there is a non abortive solution to all of this — a staggeringly simple one at that. When a man shows you who he is, believe him. If the first thing he brings up is abortion when you mention the possibility of having children, don’t have that mans child and expect to not be a single Mother. The amount of pregnancies the fear of being alone has been responsible for is saddening. Women who sleep with men to avoid being alone for the night. Women who have a child by a man in hopes they’ll stay, knowing in their heart of hearts they are dealing with a loser who won’t.

Let me be abundantly clear, I am not blaming women or single Mothers. It is not their fault if a man walks out on them when they are pregnant. There is no excuse in the world for doing so, I’ve stopped being friends with guys who have because if I don’t respect you — I can’t be your friend. I am simply stating it’s avoidable. Not completely but largely. Sure there are still sociopathic snakes out there whose venom goes undetected until it’s too late.

But that is not the primary culprit for such an atrocity. Also, if you choose to sleep with a man and have his baby, you don’t get the privilege of trashing him on social media. And you certainly have no right to speak ill of him to your children. It’s not fair to them to make them feel as though they are half rotten inside because of who you decided to fuck one lonely night. You once let him inside of you, so if he is as bad as you claim he is, what does that say about you? It says you make terrible decisions and then refuse to take any responsibility for them, just like the dude who walked out. I say dude because we’ve already established anyone who does so is not a man.

I say all of this out of concern, not judgement. Concern for women who have put themselves through this, or repeatedly pick someone who is going to help put them through it, time and time again. If you are with a man who has kids he doesn’t take care of, what on earth makes you believe he’ll change once you have his child? Please leave your delusional fairy tale love story out of it. Not only for you and your unborn child’s sake but for society’s as well. We’re all tired of reading about how shitty of a person the last guy you slept with was. Make better decisions and start believing men when they show you who they are.

Brian Brewington

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