An Open Letter To My Openly Racist Republican Facebook Friends

This is going to sting. It’s honestly going to hurt me a little bit to write but here goes nothing.

I guess I should start by clarifying my race and where I stand politically, for anyone who doesn’t know me in real life. Real life, great place to start.

I’m a white, Irish, Native American who was born and raised in a barely middle class neighborhood in Philadelphia, one that nobody who was raised in an actual middle class area refers to as middle class today.

Someone was just shot at my local Target two hours ago, true story.

I never saw that happen on the half hour sitcoms I watched growing up that allegedly represented middle class life in this country.

A country that, I don’t know if you’ve noticed as of late but it’s one the rest of the world has grown kind of tired of.

Honestly though, if all you knew about us was Kim Kardashian and her sister’s dogs Instagram account and the money we owed your country, wouldn’t you be?

How do you respect the wonderful and truly blessed lives we live if you are a piss poor kid in some war torn part of the world who manages to somehow catch a few minutes of say, “Real Housewives of Orange County” on Youtube?

What if all you knew about America was “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and random clips you saw of our fearless leader, Donald Trump?

I’m a registered democrat but originally planned on never registering to vote or partake in the entire charade, until Donald Trump said he was really going to run for President.

To put it plainly, I dislike Donald Trump as a person, business owner, show host and now as President too. He literally represents everything I dislike about the human race as a whole.

As unfortunate as it is, short of solving 2pac and Biggie’s murders, finding Hoffa’s body, curing cancer and AIDS and ending his beef with Rosie O’Donnell, I’ll never like Donald Trump as a person or anything he represents.

But you can relate right? Remember Barack Obama? The guy you disliked from the moment you laid eyes on and even more when you heard his name, yeah that guy.

Obama could have single handedly solved John F. Kennedy’s murder and I know drunk Irish fucks who still would have bitched about Obamacare or asked to see the man’s birth certificate.

I’m probably related to more than one of them in fact. All I ask is that you understand that I feel about Donald Trump as you did about Barack Obama. Except rather than dislike him for his skin color, I dislike Donald for the following reasons.

My step dad worked for Trump Plaza for 30 years and was sent home without so much as a pack of peanut butter crackers when POTUS was ready to close up shop. Hopefully that’s real life enough for you.

Funny how one went on to take a night security job so he could put a roof over my mother’s head and the other went to become President so he could build a wall between here and Mexico.

What’s funnier is I have more respect for the one that took the night security job, far more respectable than Fox News’ favorite funny face and sound clip that will drive in traffic.

There’s like a 33% chance my Step Dad would actually make a better President than Trump now that I think about it.

I dislike Donald Trump for having a reality show. I dislike Donald Trump for being friends with Billy Bush as well as being in George Bush Jr’s fantasy league.

I dislike Donald Trump for ever running for President and for naming his daughter Ivanka and then having the audacity to tell me he’s not having Vladimir Putin over for Thanksgiving.

I dislike POTUS for making Eric Trump. and being responsible for the fact I now have to know Eric Trump exists. — Separately though, I hate him equally for both. However, I do not hate him for his skin color or race.

His face, maybe a little but not it’s tone. I don’t want to see his birth certificate, I totally believe he was born in New York City.

Although it is ironic a man born so close to Ellis Island is so against the whole “Give us your poor” bullshit we used to tolerate isn’t it?

I’ll be honest I have nothing left to say to any of you other than your statuses are racist even when you don’t think they are or think the three black people from Highschool your friends with on the book didn’t pick up on that subtly hateful meme you posted before joining Mike Pence’s newsletter.

Floor’s all yours. Thanks for letting me share. I’ll leave you with an amazingly relevant clip from “Newsroom” which was cancelled before it even peaked much like I hope happens with homeboy’s presidency.

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