Contemplating On Life and Death On a Deceased Loved One’s Birthday

It isn’t all about the loss of life, it’s also about reflecting on invaluable memories and lessons learned as well.

Brian Brewington


Sure, the headline would’ve caught more eyes had I replaced “Deceased Loved One" with “Dead Brother", which was the initial title that came to me.

However, dead brother, not only feels unnecessarily harsh and blunt, but in this case it would be semi-misleading being today is my deceased cousin’s birthday.

He was very much like a big brother to me, as I was very close with his younger brother, and spent nearly every weekend at their house growing up.

Their mother, my blood Aunt and Godmother, was very much like a second mother to me growing up and in many ways she still is, we’re that close.

Still though, in this case it would feel like I was misleading my audience for the wrong reasons and using a deceased loved ones death as a means to profit off of, so it was a matter of integrity.

Integrity is something I learned in part, from the deceased relative this post is dedicated to, along with so many other things I hold onto dearly deep within.

He taught me it was okay to be afraid, but not okay to do anything except face your fear head on. It was from the big brother I never had, I learned to stand up for myself, no matter the situation.

He had me and his little brother acting out scripts he wrote when we were younger than 6, and had his Mom record it on those old now defunct, personal home camcorders. As kids, we formed various music groups, sang, did stand up comedy sets, held acting classes, became professional wrestlers in the backyard, all under his guidance. He introduced me to all the music I still love today, from 2Pac to Boyz 2 Men. I say all of that to say, it was from my cousin Joey, the big brother I never had, that I first fell in love with art in all of it’s many forms. A love I still carry with me today, one I have fought to make a career out of, just barely managing to do so.

It was from my cousin who was so much more than that to me, who would have been 43 years old today, had he not passed suddenly and…



Brian Brewington

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