Donald Trump Is Too Busy Playing With Fire and Fury To Care About The Opiate Epidemic Crisis

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Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee and the news was on.

When I heard the words “Donald Trump was briefed on the opiate epidemic today” I couldn’t help but imagine his reaction or more than likely lack there of one.

Do we honestly expect a manchild who spends more time on Twitter than a modern day Kardashian sister to care about dying drug addicts or their low and middle class grief stricken families?

How is he supposed to start a nuclear war or at the very least, a very tense FaceTime session with a homicidal dictator if you keep bugging him about stupid peasants and their stupid drug problems?

Listen as a matter of fact, take my next set of lines as gospel, in terms of Trump Policy

If it ain’t Russian, it ain’t up for discussion.

If you don’t want to ask him about North Korea, then see ya.

Homie don’t have time for homeland problems he’s busy beefing abroad until he finally bothers someone insane enough to try and bring the war to our doorstep.

However, he will still take questions about anyone who has ever leaked emails, unless they share his last name.

As always, he’s open to any discussion involving Rosie O’ Donnell’s struggling acting career as well as the hardships and shortcomings of anyone whose opinion has ever opposed his.

But dying addicts? Borrrring. What a snoozer.

Sure he’ll show up to your silly briefing and lie to you via a speech he didn’t write but he won’t do so without bringing up the southern border he claims the drugs are coming in from.

That southern border he’s referring to is none other than Mexico, his second favorite “M” word, Trumped by only the likes of the word he’s most fond of, which is “Me”.

What I found to be most interesting about his briefing yesterday on the opiate epidemic is that he said they would target the drug dealers as well as the Mexican borders but at no point was a single pharmaceutical company, lobbyist, executive, or doctor who violates the Hippocratic oath on a daily basis mentioned.

Not a single time was the word “prescription” even mentioned — in a briefing that was as largely about the prescription painkillers that are ruining America’s youth as it was about the heroin those pills are then leading them to, before they inevitably end up losing their lives altogether or at the very least, any resemblance of normal ones.

Donald Trump will never target the real enemy and root cause of the opiate epidemic because they are white pharmaceutical executives who frequent the same restaurants he does, wear suits that cost as much as his do and frankly would find the White House to be as appallingly low rent as he does.

The other thing I couldn’t help but notice from yesterday’s farce of a briefing was how he read apathetically off of a paper, about the drug epidemic but as soon as North Korea was mentioned his face turned red with excitement and he went all “fire and fury” freestyle rap battler with it.

I just wish one president applied Trump’s same “fire and fury” philosophy to the epidemic that has caused me to collect more mass cards than I care to count.

That’s All I’ve Got, Thanks For Letting Me Share.

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