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  • Shola


    I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things..

  • Veronica Williams

    Veronica Williams

  • Alysha Marie

    Alysha Marie

    PhD student studying Geospatial Artificial Intelligence. Addicted to coffee, journaling, and my Kindle Paperwhite.

  • HS Burney

    HS Burney

    Immigrant sharing stories about the beauty and beastliness of culture. I write personal stories and reflections on diversity, and women and minority experiences

  • Makers


    Creating a new generation of tech talent who are ready to build the change in society and thrive in the new world of work.

  • Karissa Wehri

    Karissa Wehri

    I am currently studying for my English BA. My interests center on the human condition, with niches in psychology and cultural studies.

  • Christa Negron

    Christa Negron

    A curly haired creative who believes that life is fully manifested by reading, writing, spreading love & light and a little bit of magic.

  • Monique P

    Monique P

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