For starters, I didn’t know what you did with the title here was a thing that could be done but I love it so thank you for that. Secondly, you now have full clearance to just submit your stories as published drafts if you’d like — as I never have to correct anything on any of your submissions. Thirdly and lastly — if you’re interested in being added as an editor for JOJ — consider this your official offer lol. It’s not much work and obviously, I don’t make anything off of the pub to offer you any money but would be happy to add you if you’re interested. If not no hard feelings, we all have a lot on our plates and nobody understands this better than me.

I would’ve made this a private note but it was too long and I figured no harm no foul.

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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