I don’t deny what he did to help Jay-Z as an artist, for Roc-a Fella in general and in business as a whole. I’d be a fool to. I’m well aware Jay, Biggs and Dame brought their own money to the table, which is one of the things I respect most about all three of them. As I said, nobody can deny Dame’s hustle.

I did reach out to Biggs and Dame himself, not that I expected a response — I don’t write for anyone super noteworthy. But I did reach out and wait a respectable period of time before publishing.

Thank you for the Def Jam ownership stake correction, I’ll double check my research and facts there, as well as what he is currently worth. Source after source told me he owes our far more than he has or is owed and he was overall two million in the red.

I know he’s a serial entrepreneur and have no doubt he could or will do better. Since Roc-a-Fella, by most standards, he simply hasn’t and I attribute that to his own ego — not who he is as a person. It’s not a character assassination. But I respect your criticisms and opinions, thanks for responding.

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