I Fell in Love With Writing Through Writing Rap Lyrics

Writing allows us to share the deepest parts of ourselves as we get to know ourselves better as well. We can explore parts we didn’t know existed. It’s a way of telling your stories in the arc of your overall story, the bigger picture. I write because I have to and because I’m bothered by myself when I don’t. It allows me to free up space in my head and conserve energy I would’ve wasted on worrying. For me, writing is how I solve problems, how I work things out and make sense of the world around me. It’s always been my go to outlet.

As far as music goes, I’ve always been a fan of anyone with something to say and whose lyrics told stories or had an actual meaningful message to them. Lyrics are everything to me in a song as well as one of my favorite forms of writing. Regardless of genre, writing a song is far more challenging than writing your average blog post for obvious reasons, when done correctly anyhow.

I grew up loving hip hop because to me it was a genre of music that primarily focused on lyrics above all else. I have a deep appreciation for the raw and brutal honesty of certain artist’s lyrics. In high school, I often spent my time in the few classes we had computers to use in for looking up and studying rap lyrics instead of whatever assignment I was supposed to be working on. I’ve always been fascinated with the art of rap.

I’m slightly embarrassed about it but I also spent a fair amount of my time in class writing rap lyrics. A lot of them weren’t bad to be honest. Though, they had no real formal structure to them and I rarely wrote choruses. Some of them were downright impressive if I’m being honest. But it was like my deep dark secret, a guilty pleasure of sorts. I never told anyone I wrote them or let anyone so much as read them, let alone considered recording them or actually rapping.

I may be slightly embarrassed by it but I don’t regret it because doing so definitely helped me as a writer from a young age. It helped me grow creatively as well as kept me writing consistently. When I think back, it was actually the first kind of writing I did consistently, outside of school work. The internet wasn’t what it is now, there was no such thing as blog posts and I was never one to journal. My lyrics were basically my journal. I have 11 five subject notebooks filled with nothing but lyrics I wrote in class.

Don’t be afraid to experiment creatively. If you typically write fiction, try publishing a true and personal story you couldn’t imagine sharing with others. Share a collection of thoughts with us, you’ll be surprised by how many people will relate. If you’ve never written poetry before, try it. If all you’ve ever written was non fiction, try writing a short fictional story. You just may fall in love or discover your life’s passion. Artists who limit themselves to one genre or restrict themselves from exploring others miss a potential opportunity to create something great.

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