I Have Some Questions and Concerns

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What would happen if we acted boldly? If we ignored our inner anxieties that only impede us and moved forward. What if we weren’t so afraid?

Imagine if we ignored the naysayers and status quo. If we lived without limits. Those we set for ourselves as well as those we foolishly let others set for us.

What would happen if we pursued the lives we truly wanted instead of settling? What if we actually managed to capture it and live it to the fullest?

Really, what’s the worst that could and better yet, actually would happen?

What if we left the past in the past and realized it has nothing to do with our present or future? What if we finally let sleeping dogs lie and moved on?

Where would we be if we stopped hesitating and procrastinating?

Why do we avoid the conversations that would most benefit us and better our lives? Why do we feel undeserving of true prosperity? Why do we self sabotage?

Why don’t we tell our loved ones we love them more often? Is there a cap on how many times a day or week we can say it out loud?

Why do people still watch the news and why are two news channels reporting two completely different versions of the same story? How is that fucking news?

What if we decided America was good enough and we didn’t want to make it great again? Why did Donald Trump’s parents insist on telling him he could be anything he wanted when he was a child?

What if we embraced fearlessness instead of fickleness.? What if we stood tall in our beliefs at all costs?

I’ll bet we’d smile more and argue less. Anti Depressants might not be billion dollar commodity, less of us might take our own lives and die from heart disease.

Why won’t Medium acknowledge my greatness? Why do they call me a top writer in five different categories yet pay me in tuna?

How is Bill Cosby still touring? Who are these people who are going to see him and what about him exactly is it they find funny at this point — The 36th allegation?

Who would I even be if I didn’t write and what would happen to all of these thoughts? Would the world be better off without them or just exactly the same?

When did political correctness become a religion and when did organized religion become so corrupt and morally inept? What would Jesus think of modern day Catholicism and its scandals, lawsuits and abuse?

Is it counter productive to the progress of the American Economy to spend my entire tax return on drugs and prostitutes or would I simply be supporting sole proprietors and entrepreneurship? Asking for a friend.

Would it be more patriotic to spend it on prescriptions & porn subscriptions?

Do any of these questions anger you? Why? What is it about which you didn’t like?

Why do I have so many questions — and no answers at all?

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