I understand it to an extent. I just feel to direct at every white male is misdirected. It polarizes white males who agree with her valid points and frustrations. It paints every white male as a privileged racist.

Awhile back I commented on a response rapper Talib Kweli sent someone who left him a rather racist comment on Twitter. I only did so because it seemed he responded to any negative comment but many positive tweets sent his way would go ignored. Literally the only Tweets I was seeing him for weeks on end were ones where he was responding to negativity and perceived racism.

In a poor choice of words, I suggested he should do something better with his time. All I meant, is the negativity wasn’t worth his time and energy. Why spend it on racist trolls, while ignoring fans?

This resulted in him and scores of his fans and followers telling me I was a Nazi and asking why I cry for racists. Before eventually being called a racist myself, as well as insulted and threatened on every one of my social media pages, via comments and messages.

This went on for a full day. All because I thought responding to negativity was beneath him.

So when Medium featured his article about racism months later, how was I to to take it as valid if he considers me a Nazi?

While I understand you don’t know me personally, I assure you I’m not racist and have never otherwise been called anything remotely close to a Nazi.

The reality is, I have more in common with the historically disenfranchised than the privileged. I’m a White/Native American from a barely middle class area in Philadelphia. I despise Donald Trump and everything he stands for. I’ve never come across a politician I truly trusted and find this country’s political, economic and criminal justice systems to all be corrupt and broken. I’m uninsured. I’ve been arrested unjustly before as well as treated unfairly and profiled by police most my life before that — as the Native American in me leads some to believe I’m of Spanish descent.

Thanks again for the thought provoking responses. Few other people leave replies that inspire me to leave such long replies to them. Which to me says, we’re just forcing one another to think critically and helping each other understand where the other is coming from. Thanks again.

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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