“It’s Called The American Dream Because You Have To Be Asleep To Believe It”

I spend a fair amount of time wondering why people don’t see that the world and it’s economy are changing and in a lot of ways,not for the better. I have a really hard time understanding why people accept and help perpetuate injustice and inequality. I refuse to stand by idly and be hit by a system that promised to provide me with a secure future.

Banks used to be institutions where you kept your money in an effort to acquire interest on your hard earned pay. Now it’s an endless cycle of rich executives finding new ways to charge you fees that they conjured up themselves from their yacht while you were busy working a job you hate, so you could give them some more of your money and they could do it all over again.

You used to be able to walk into an establishment or place of business,introduce yourself to the manager and ask for an opportunity of employment. You usually had a pretty good idea when you left of whether to expect a call or not.

All job seekers can look forward to today are soulless online applications that spend 45 minutes asking you the same questions over and over again,just worded differently in hopes of tricking you into actually answering honestly. You’re expected to summarize your best assets in twenty words or less and hope for a phone call. If that call never comes, do the whole thing over again in a month and keep those fingers crossed.

If I spend the next thirty years paying into social security and then it is not there when I go to collect, I will make the news as a 59 year old man for starting a riot on the white house lawn.

I grew up with a kid in who is doing five years in prison as we speak for demanding money from a deli clerk,unarmed. He was 19 and addicted to painkillers at the time he committed the crime. He is doing five years for the $24.78 the deli clerk handed him.

In 2008, the world’s largest financial institutions were responsible for five million people losing their homes and countless others losing their jobs and every dollar they had ever invested. There is no telling exactly how many people were guilty as sin for such atrocities,yet globally only one person was indicted and arrested for them and he was nothing more than a scapegoat for the real architects of the whole disaster.

Let me be clear,if you rob a deli you deserve to go to jail, regardless of circumstances.

But how is it possible that the CEO that makes millions off of the pain and misfortune they caused others is still profiting from such while my friend fears for his life and safety on a probably somewhat regular basis in prison over $24.78 and one terrible decision he made when he was still a kid?

It is so cliche’ to blame the Government for our problems. In fact, they’ve managed to set a standard to where the people who speak openly against them,their CRIMES and atrocities either go to jail,get labeled as crazy or just flat out suffer endlessly.

However make no mistake about it, there is not a Government agency,entity or branch that is not completely controlled and therefore ruined by corruption and greed.

It kind of bewilders me when I watch half the nation call one presidential candidate a war criminal, while promoting another who simply hasn’t been given the opportunity to commit crimes of war yet because he spent the last ten years decimating the economy of one of America’s largest east coast tourist destinations. They used to call it America’s playground. Nowadays it has the feel of a playground where a kid just pooped on the slide everyone loved. Sure there is other attractions to enjoy but they are all tainted and it is just not the same. I can still smell shit from the swings.

Make no mistake about it,if Trump gets elected he will happily and quite openly become a criminal of war and will have half a nation standing behind him, out of pure ignorance.

Recently i’ve seen commercials on the Viceland channel for “Black Banking”. It is what it sounds like. It’s banks owned and operated by black Americans that essentially aim their business at black Americans, in hopes of standing in solidarity and protesting injustice throughout the country in various aspects of life, specifically of that perpetuated by banks obviously. Here is my problem with that, the injustice and criminally charged practices of financial institutions in America today have absolutely nothing to do with color. The only color banks see is green. If you don’t have money or the means to make it by the abundance banks don’t give a shit about you, regardless of your color or race.

Credit card companies,insurance companies,institutions of higher learning, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and our correctional facilities all utilize practices that are at best morally wrong and are at worst,criminally charged and predatory.

The Department of Human and child protective services in Kansas keeps confiscating custody of kids of parents that smoke marijuana, yet they are funded by a Government that accepts payouts and supports the companies selling you synthetic man made heroin in pill form for exaggerated and fraudulently diagnosed pain.

Ask any heroin addict under 40 years old where their habit started and I bet you their answer involves pain killers that were prescribed by a doctor,even if it wasn’t their doctor.

Meanwhile schools are still teaching kids that marijuana is the gateway drug. I just want to know why they never tell kids that the people controlling the gate are none other than our elected and so called trusted political officials.

If you have a dollar in your bank account and happen to try and buy a coffee with your debit card, there’s a good chance that coffee just cost you thirty dollars thanks to the policies of our financial institutions. However if I was to start a side business where I lend money to people in my community who are in desperate need, at a 20% interest rate, it would be considered loan sharking and if the Government found out about it i’d probably go to jail for extortion and RICO charges.

Tell me how is that not hypocrisy?

I stopped believing in the American dream when everything I was taught to trust in let me down.

I stopped putting my energy into chasing your version of the American dream when I realized that many of the people who had supposedly caught it, ended up waking in the middle of the night plagued by nightmares. You’re not supposed to have to pray for a job, you’re supposed to be able to simply ask for one after showing you’re willing and able to do that job efficiently.

History repeats itself, I promise you that. Our economy is on it’s way down and many people will once again lose their jobs,investments and homes. They always call the guy that’s investing in the opposite of what everyone else believes crazy, until he is right. For once, I don’t want to be right, it’s just sad because I know I am and nobody is listening.

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Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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