It’s Not Easy Being Any of Us

A reminder to all humans — that we’re all just humans so we should try and treat each other that way.

Brian Brewington
3 min readAug 1, 2022


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I’ve recently noticed stories in my newsfeed, where writers are writing about the writers who blocked them, those commenting on their work, those who disagree with them publicly, and those they disagree with in general.

I have a problem with this for one reason and one reason only. I could not care less about which writers on Medium other writers don’t get along with, and even less about who they disagree with or why.

At least not in and of itself. And my problem with these articles is that seems to be their only intriguing or selling point — is someone else’s name or the latest “drama” involving the writer in their title.

One who is usually exponentially more successful than them.

An individual, a human being, who they have never met, never will and know absolutely nothing about what they’re going through, in their own lives.

A person who is fighting battles we likely know nothing about unless they’ve written about them here on Medium or elsewhere meant for public consumption.

Another trick I’ve seen used too often is the already wildly successful writers on this platform, write stories about their latest petty drama or exchange with other writers or readers here on Medium. It’s clickbait heavy but fairly empty as far as real substance goes.

Using a Medium writer’s name who is more successful than you in the title or subject of your story, may drive more traffic to the story, but it won’t make it any better. Trying to use their name to piggyback off their success or create petty drama within the community, is not a way to find lasting success on this platform and never will be.

My suggestion is to show up here with something of value to say, or don’t show up at all. Stay home. I’d rather you don’t work than show up to work sick, so to speak. Come prepared or don’t come.

And a big part of being prepared as a writer is knowing you have something to say that’s likely to resonate with others or provide value to them.



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