Kanye West and Donald Trump Are Just Clowns In The Circus Known as American Entertainment and Politics

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I’ve heard rumors Kanye West is working on multiple albums. Then, this morning I heard a bypassing car playing a song of his I didn’t recognize, so when I got home I put his name into YouTube — hoping someone illegally leaked and uploaded the new album so I could listen to it for free. As obnoxious as I find him to be as a human being, he’s never put out an album I didn’t like. At the end of the day, I’m not really interested in who my favorite musicians are as people. I don’t have to like who they are as people to enjoy their music.

What I found instead, was probably far more entertaining than Kanye’s new album is. What the search results returned was an overwhelming amount of clips from the news discussing Kanye apparently tweeting out his support for Donald Trump, as well as Trump himself expressing his delight about it.

It actually makes perfect sense that Kanye would be a supporter of Trump’s. It’s a man who has been dubbed the asshole of entertainment, supporting the asshole of the political front. A match made in 1% heaven, almost.

In fairness, Kanye raises valid points in his new song addressing the issue — one featuring rapper T.I. — appropriately titled “Ye’ V.S. The People”

He touches on the issue of political affiliations and race in America — and how it’s gotten to a point where most black folks in America, identify as Democrats. While your average Black American’s political interests clearly reside closer in what the Democrats are pushing than in what Trump and the Republicans offer — Kanye raises a valid point. Your race doesn’t determine your political party. The man should be allowed to think for himself.

Let’s call it what it is, everything Kanye stands for today and all he represents, is closer aligned with Trump and the Republicans — more so than it is with the interest of your average Black American. Kanye West married into the Kardashian family. Kim Kardashian didn't marry into the West family, if that makes any sense. Kanye has become more Republican by the day — despite the fact at their core, both him and his father-in-law Caitlyn Jenner are the opposite of everything Trump represents and stands for.

Unfortunately, nobody’s been able to get through to the man who once claimed “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” or the once Olympic champion who formerly identified as a man and is now legally a woman — that they are the complete opposite of everything Trump stands to represent.

I’ll be honest, this whole Kanye/ Trump circus has lightened my heart and perspective, in terms of Trump’s Presidency anyhow. It’s helped me see it for what it is — one big fucking circus — one Kanye has become just another clown in. Despite the respect I have for Kanye’s music and his creative talent, as well as the respect I have for Trump, for having the audacity to not only run for President but actually managing to find a way to become President, regardless of how much I disagree with his almost every word, at the end of the day him an Kanye are both of the same brand. Assholes who are really good at what they do, as well as at manipulating the media towards their ends. For all their faults, they are both marketing and business geniuses.

Think about it like this — Kanye is a month away from releasing multiple albums. His name is now the biggest headline, not only in rap but on CNN and Fox News as well. Some of the more racist people I know, are now tweeting their support for Kanye and spending absurd amounts of money on his Yeezy sneakers. He has opened up his fan base and put his name in National headlines. Marketing genius. No different than what Trump did in 2016.

While Kanye opened himself up to a world of new fans with his most recent tweets — he lost very little in doing so and I’ll explain why. Even those such as myself who openly despise Donald Trump, are still curious enough to listen to the album. For me personally, I’m not politically affiliated or oriented enough to let a man’s political interests determine whether or not I support their art. I’m too big of a fan of creativity, to let that be the case. I like Kanye’s music, therefore I’ll listen to the album. It’s really that simple, for me at least.

Although, there’s an angle to this nobody’s reporting on. Perhaps I’m the first to touch on it. Jay-Z, a man very responsible for the fact we even know who Kanye West is, has been quite outspoken about his feelings on Donald Trump. I even recently wrote an article stating I think he may run for President in 2020. In the last five years or so, Kanye has done nothing but put himself at odds with the man who essentially gave him his career on a silver platter. From his awkward interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV music awards, to his apparently cocaine fueled rant on stage about Jay-Z, his wife and their kids, at a show in Sacramento in 2016.

In addition to that, Kanye is also reported to be producing Nas’ latest album — though they’ve since publicly reconciled, Jay-Z’s most public rap feud was with Nas himself. Kanye is also allegedly looking to work with Drake on an Apple Music project, one that rivals Tidal, Jay-Z’s newest music streaming venture. While I disagree with almost everything the man says in public, I must admit, Kanye West is nothing short of a marketing and creative genius.

As I see it, as his support from one of the most powerful men in America, in Jay-z, began to dwindle — he positioned himself in a place to be supported by a man with far more power — in Donald Trump. His name is ringing out on Rolling Stone and Fox News alike because of his latest Tweets. Political perspectives aside, Kanye West and Donald Trump deserve each other and are a match made in heaven. They’re currently marketing for each other and much of America is falling for it. Meanwhile, I’m just scouting YouTube for Kanye’s newest album so I can listen to it without supporting him financially — as well as learning to see Trump’s Presidency for what it is — one big circus I should learn to be entertained by rather than enraged about.

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