Martin Luther King Had A Dream & An Affair

Martin Luther King Jr. Wrote and gave one of the most inspirational speeches ever. He worked towards turning his vision of a more peaceful world,one where people were treated equally and seen beyond color, into a reality.

He also cheated on his wife who he made a sacred vow before God to.

It has also been rumored that he smoked cigarettes behind closed doors,a habit he allegedly hid from even his immediate family.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first Catholic President Of The United States Of America. He was a vision of hope to Americans everywhere,established the Peace Corps,set the goal of sending a man to the moon and essentially prevented nuclear armageddon, even though some would say he was responsible for it almost happening in the first place.

He also essentially,quite openly and publicly was unfaithful to his wife Jackie whom he made a sacred vow to be true to, in front of and in the house of his Catholic God.

I read one report that alleges President Kennedy claimed he was plagued with migraines on any night he didn’t sleep with a ‘Strange’ woman.

Al Capone was quoted as calling John F Kennedy’s father Joe Kennedy ‘The biggest crook he had ever met or dealt with’. That is a bold statement coming from Al Capone.

Jay-Z donated a million dollars to both the tragedies of September 11th 2001 and when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He started the record label that put him in a spot to donate that money with $50,000 he saved up from selling crack & heroin in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

When I was a kid you couldn’t tell me Hulk Hogan wasn’t a national treasure.

Maybe he is but since then i’ve watched him frequently fail at fatherhood,marriage and not too long ago I heard a tape where he said the word nigger at least 25 times.

The recording was only like two and a half minutes long.

In the late nineties I remember being straight inspired by Mark McGwire’s 70 home runs.

It was like he had simultaneously broke any limits I had ever subconsciously set for myself when he broke that record. Twelve years later he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career.

Barry Bonds broke that record of 70 by hitting 73 a few years later. A few years later it was more than well reported that he also, “allegedly”,used performance enhancing drugs throughout most of his career. The size of his head by the end of his career did much of that reporting.

I wake up everyday and try to be the best version of me I possibly can be. Some days it feels like chasing perfection. I think a lot of the times I expect perfection from myself, this way I always have a reason to be subconsciously disappointed in myself. I come up short of perfection every day in every way possible. That’s probably going to continue every day, for the rest of my life.

There’s nothing wrong with chasing perfection because it can only result in progress.

Its actually expecting to catch it,becoming inherently disappointed when you don’t and expecting to find that same perfection I always fall short of in others that gets me in trouble.

People lie,steal,cheat,lie about stealing and cheating and every combo there within on a daily basis. People I know and people you know. That also is probably going to continue everyday for the rest of our lives. In fact at some point before both of our lives are over, you and I will probably do something that would be considered lying,stealing or cheating. So for my own sake i’m trying to learn to not judge others when I see their absolute worst qualities shine to the point they blind.

I’ve come to learn from my own experience that a lot of times people that dealt hurt, did so because they felt hurt. Hurt by something that happened so long ago they forgot they were mad about it. The problem is, they didn’t forget the anger. They just forgot that’s where it started. They never learned how to let it go, or just simply refused to.

In many cases, they were hurt by someone else’s imperfections. Someone else’s lie or cover up. Maybe even the person they perceived as perfect, or their own personal national treasure.

The problem with heroes is they are still people, as much as we may subconsciously depend on them being perfect for our own self centered reasons, they are not. Some of us believe we are and others are frustrated because it’s so apparent we are not. What we need as a whole is a realization that we are not and an acceptance of that realization. I say as a whole because we need to realize and accept that we, as a whole are not perfect and nor are the units that complete the whole. Expecting perfection is the same thing as buying disappointment and charging it to your credit card. Eventually, you’ll pay for it. I used to think Bill Cosby was one of the most stand up guys in stand up comedy, I’m afraid I was really wrong about that.

Thanks for reading

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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