Million Dollar Opportunities Are All Around Us

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It’s no secret we live in a world in which technology rules. The thing is, you technically don’t have to know the first thing about technology to cash in on the opportunities it provides. Simply owning a smartphone, documenting and channeling it properly could accidentally make you a million dollars.

More and more, we are seeing young YouTube sensations, social media personalities and Instagram advertisers take the world by storm and seize the most of the opportunities at hand. People who not only make millions but also make doing so look almost effortless. Their efforts were not strenuous, just well calculated.

FUNnel Vision

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Last night I sat with my six year old nephew on the couch after dinner. While I was trying to find a television show for him to watch, he asked me to put on YouTube. I asked what he wanted to watch on YouTube and he replied “Funnel vision, Michael’s 8th Birthday party.”

I didn’t have to search very hard for it, as it was already in the suggested videos section of the app built into the TV. As I started the video for him, I became almost as entranced by it as my nephew, just for very different reasons.

To anyone without kids like myself who may not know what FUNnel vision is, I urge you to google it. It’s literally just a family of six — two parents and four young kids — who record their family’s vacations, road trips, holidays and other outings and put them up on YouTube. Sounds pretty basic, right?

What’s anything but basic is the staggering 4.5 billion views their videos have accumulated in total thus far, or the 8.8 million views they manage to average on a daily basis. Bringing the family of six in a cool $15,000 a day in ad money alone. I’ll do the math for you, that equals out to about $5.5 million a year.

Perhaps as you read those figures you thought to yourself “Yeah but that’s not sustainable, how long before it’s a long forgotten fad?”.

Well, young Michael’s 6th, 7th, and 8th Birthday parties have collectively accumulated a total of 47 million views and also demonstrate the channel’s sustainability, being they’ve recorded and uploaded the kid’s birthday three years in a row.

What I saw next as I sat there watching, really put the icing on the cake for me. The apparent marketing genius that is the father of the four youngsters, finds ways to perfectly place and promote products throughout the videos and skits. At one point, a digital box of Kellogg's Pop Tarts remained at the bottom of the screen for a solid two minute span, as the kids ate none other than of course, Kellogg’s Pop Tarts.

In fact it could be said the entire part of the skit was about Pop Tarts. It’s essentially a commercial, one I’m sure Kellogg’s is happily and heavily compensating the family for. Yet the millions of kids watching it have no idea it’s a commercial they’re watching because that’s not how it feels. The product or advertisement is so seamlessly placed in the skit, kids are none the wiser. To be honest, it even took me a moment to realize what was happening. It’s genius. I was absolutely floored.

Cash Me Outside, How ‘Bout Dat?

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If you have the internet, you’re probably familiar with Danielle Bregoli — the 13 year old girl who became an internet sensation after inviting Dr. Phil’s entire audience to “Cash me outside, how ‘bout dat?” — in her appearance on the show.

If you take the video clip at face value, she just appears to be a troublesome teen with anger issues, in desperate need of an English lesson. I invite you to put your judgments down for a moment and take a deeper look at Danielle Bregoli.

Since the video of her on Dr. Phil went viral, Danielle has gone on to make 1.2 million dollars. She has landed a record deal with Atlantic records for a contract reported to be worth millions for multiple albums, because of course she raps.

App developers based entire games off of her now infamous ‘Cash Me Outside’ quote, without her permission. Little did they know, Danielle had trademarked the quote and has since sued anyone and everyone who tried to use the quote for profit. Additionally, she is now also charging $40,000 for appearances and meet and greets. She has landed product placement Instagram ads with both Fit tea and Postmates. In fact, her Instagram page is quite the valuable asset in itself, being it has a total of 12 million followers which has the potential to make her as much as $300,000 a month or up to $100,000 for a single post.

I’m not asking you to go on Dr. Phil and make a fool of yourself. I’m not claiming recording your kid’s birthday party and posting it to YouTube will make you a million dollars. What I am saying is, opportunities to do so are everywhere. They’re literally at the tips of our fingers. All I’m asking is for you to keep that thought at the front of your mind. Change what you view as a million dollar opportunity. The ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl certainly did and cashed in on hers. You’ll never find yours if you’re not looking or carry the belief it’s not possible.

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