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I have no tolerance for negativity, I’m too focused on growth. There is too much positive energy around me to lend one second of my time to feeling sorry for anyone, myself especially.

I’m willing to do anything within my power to help those that are first willing to help themselves or at minimum be grateful for it. I have no time to help those who are too focused on themselves to help others; too busy with their hands out to lend a helping hand to another.

Complain about your reality while I create mine. Accept things the way they are while I get busy changing what is in my power to. Find something to complain about while I find something to find an unwavering faith in.

I’ve made so many mistakes and there’s plenty more where they came from. The thing is, I believe I’ve paid for and learnt from each and every one I’ve made thus far, I’ve paid in pain. In blood, sweat and tears. In staggering amounts of loss. I’ve paid the iron price and it’s time someone pays the pied piper.

I don’t overlook my shortcomings, I study them with a fine tooth comb. I dismantle my defects with a pen and a pad; I’ve destroyed and rebuilt, i’m so far from finished. I’ve barely started yet have come such a distance. The universe and a power greater than myself will provide me justice granted I keep my hand out of it. It wins wars for me that I don’t even have to fight today, ones I didn’t even know were declared against me.

I fight against what I’m afraid of every day by facing it. I finally learned fears got nothing on faith. I stopped pursuing perfection and found progress. I let go of the insanity behind me and began moving forward a step at a time. I stopped taking inventory on others and searched within thoroughly until I found strength. I wasn’t nearly as great nor as terrible as I assumed I was.

I’ve walked miles out of my way to avoid misery, so if you insist on befriending it ,we can’t be friends. The old me would have apologized for it; because he was sorry. I’m far from sorry today. Which thankfully doesn’t stop me from being empathetic, I just have no space in my life for sorry today. I apologize when it’s appropriate or when I was wrong, I just can’t afford to be sorry.

People blame God for their problems and all the wrong in the world and quickly take credit for all the good, wondering why prayers seemingly go unanswered as they toss a last minute Hail-Mary up when tragedy strikes. It’s not they went unheard, my belief is whatever power is out there just kind of assumed you had it all under control, you know like you always do, right? It was too busy assisting those who know they can’t go at it alone.

I’m far from enlightened but I know enough to know that I don’t know enough. I’m so open minded that often it goes roaming and I have to go find it. But I never pull the door closed behind it, I leave it cracked for some sunlight to sneak in and illuminate the darkest parts.

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