Fuck every steroid shooting, Acura driving, fist pumping faggot that does 55 miles per hour up my one way street on their way to that sausage fest of a gym on my corner.

Fuck every overly drunk & angry Irishman that has been sitting on the same stool in Leneghans since 1992 watching the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Eagles lose…with the sole but not forgotten exception of the Phillies in 2008.


Fuck everyone who owns a “Mayfair Irish” shirt. You’re from Holmesburg and you’d have a difficult time finding Ireland on a map. Drinking when your not supposed to and having a general disdain for black people doesn’t equate to Irish pride you ignorant asshole.

Fuck everyone in the methadone clinic on Decatur street and the politicians who signed the bill to put it there as they allegedly fought “The War On Drugs” with the other hand.

Fuck every bike cop in the 15th district that was too busy locking up some teenager for weed to stop friends of mine from being murdered in cold blood on our boulevards and in our alley ways.

Fuck Singh, his gas station on Chippendale street, his entire terrorist organization in training he calls a family and the overpriced, watered down gasoline he sells to the hard working people in the neighborhood and the cops that don’t do shit about him selling pain killers to kids right out of his shop.

Fuck every overly urban white kid in my neighborhood that thinks having a gun and robbing unsuspecting women and teenagers for drug money,or beer money or rent money will ever make up for the lack of courage they were born with. Put the gun down and go get a job before I tell your Mom all about what a fucking fraudulent loser she raised.

Fuck every student, teacher and administrator at Lincoln High School. The new building you replaced that piece of dog shit I graduated from was a waste of taxpayers money. You can renovate a zoo from the outside but if you put the same animals back in it, it’s still just a fucking zoo.

Fuck every red sweater wearing Father Judge frat boy in training and the parents that think the $15,000 they put in the Archdioceses pocket annually somehow makes the self entitled pompous little faggots they’re raising better people. Nope, it doesn’t. Lets be honest, you’re paying that ridiculous tuition cost because you known damn well you didn’t raise the type of kid that’s tough enough on the inside & out to survive a game of rough house with the black & Spanish kids in Lincoln’s gym.

Instead, hes nodding out in Religion class on generic Xanax he hocked from your medicine cabinet this morning, all while he becomes increasingly more sexually frustrated & aggressive everyday because the only females who ever so much as step on school premises are married to Jesus.

Fuck me for being born here and feeling stuck here. Fuck the people that I love here that make me feel like I can’t leave here. Fuck the people that said they loved me that never knew how to love anyone or anything other than themselves and their own self interests. You’re rotten on the inside and nothing you’ll ever be able to buy or drink will change that. Fuck the people that will whisper quietly among themselves about how many times I said fuck in this.

Fuck it.

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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