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Brian Brewington
5 min readSep 17, 2017
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I am about to reveal the cheat codes to a better way of living. A formula, if followed even imperfectly — leads to happiness and peace of mind. All of this coming with a money back guarantee, as long as you’re reading this for free. Though the principles themselves are based in simplicity, it won’t always be easy. As it was taught to me, it is us who complicate them.

Honesty (with yourself and others)

We’re all taught lying is wrong as children. Right before we disregarded such the first time telling the truth was seemingly going to get us into more trouble than we were willing to tussle with. As we got bigger and older, for some of us — a lot of us — so did the lies we told. Or the amount of lies we told. To ourselves and others. About ourselves and others. Some of us may even never lie to others, yet they still lie to themselves everyday.

About who they are and what they want from life. About their dreams and what they’re truly capable of if they would just believe in themselves and stop letting their beliefs limit them. Many of our beliefs are lies, or once truths.

Perhaps the biggest lies we tell are when others ask how we are doing. We respond with things like “Good, I’m great” when the reality is many of us don’t feel that way. It’s just a considerate lie we tell others to spare them the details of our hardships and to appear as normal as we perceive them to be.

If you don’t speak about whatever it is you’re going through, nobody will know you’re going through it. They will take your automated response at face value. Others can’t help you with a problem they don’t know you have. Small practices of honesty lead to a truer and genuine life.


I spent a majority of my life angry about things that were out of my control and in which I could not change. It was like I thought if I regretted and fretted about the past enough, maybe I could change it. Without acceptance, we’re left swinging at the wind. Your inner conflict never ends until you find acceptance.

Both for who and what you are, as well as who and what others are. I used to believe I had the power to make people think what I wanted them to think about me. I do not and by the grace of a power greater…



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