Stop Telling Your Kids They Can Be President

Not everyone is meant to lead the free world. In fact as we’ve seen in recent years,many aren’t even qualified to vote for who should. Some were born to own slaves as they simultaneously and ironically draft the declaration of independence and others were just born to manage a Walmart and drive Toyota's.

Some were born to fight wars of independence both civilly and abroad and others are just more suited for twitter wars with TV show hosts and ninety year old’s who have completely lost their minds.

Some should have just remained being bad at the job they held prior to running for president rather than bring their specific brand of dysfunction to center stage.

Others could have been perfectly content continuing to ruin whatever state they held office in prior to running for the most prominent position in all of the land.

But their dumb mothers and overly confident fathers told them they could be president one day.

And they actually listened.

That is a terrifying thought. That the kid who can’t get my order right at pizza hut has a mother who once told him he could run our country.

He should not have been hired at pizza hut and it’s not because he’s better suited to be President. His mother was wrong and she’d know that if she ever placed an order with him at pizza hut.

Our kids are overstimulated,over privileged,uninformed and out of touch with reality.

As far as I can tell,none of them are qualified to deal with international diplomacy.

I have yet to meet a five year old I envision being President one day and therefore don’t make a habit of encouraging any of them to run. Let’s wait and see how they deal with their first spelling test before we go fueling the fire for their ambitions.

More kids than not,should never run for President.

I don’t even understand when it became the go to to be honest.

It looks like a lot of work,unless you had the job from the year 2000 to 2008.

This world needs more people greeting customers at the door at your local grocery store and less people running for president and writing books.

Who keeps telling celebrities and people that used to be President to write books?

Nobody even reads anymore. We are all busy playing Pokemon go and exclaiming which lives matter,down to the exact shade and color.

If Trump’s campaign has brought this country any good, it’s in the fact that all his time has been wrapped up in his campaign,leaving him less time to consider writing another book.

The world may have been blessed with season 33 of “The Apprentice” if Donald Trump’s bigot crook of a father didn’t convince him he could be president one day.

We have kids that can’t comprehend the basics of tee ball convinced they are presidential material. I mean come on, the ball isn’t even moving!

Your kids are adorable,thanks to Instagram and Facebook I almost feel like I know them. I could not be more proud of your little you for his or her latest report card but it doesn’t qualify them to negotiate with the likes of Vladimir Putin.

And let’s not kid ourselves, some of you would be better off starting to save for bail and years of therapy now. Some people were meant to run for president and others shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.Let’s not kid ourselves or our kids about which category we or they fall into.Not everyone is corrupt enough to be President Of The United States,there’s no shame in cooking eggs for a living.

Thanks For Reading and Not Running For President

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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