Ten Simple Statements & Phrases In Today’s World That Would Have Thoroughly Confused You Twenty Years Ago

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  • “Today, President Donald Trump addressed Congress…”
  • “Hey can you grab my phone off the charger so I can play some music.”
  • “Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner; says she did not initially support gay marriage, as she considers herself a traditionalist.”
  • “Former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he wont be back for another season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ thanks to President Donald Trump.”
  • “Smartphone, I-phone, App, Fastest 4G LTE Network.”
  • “A new dedication to the rescue and recovery effort after 9/11 is being planned at the current World Trade Center Memorial site.”
  • “I’ll probably just take an Uber to the AirBnB I’m staying at.
  • “She has achieved her way to fame as well as millions of followers and dollars through twerking on Instagram.”
  • “Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial starts today, more than three dozen women have accused him of rape.”
  • “Just Google It.”

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