Thank you so much for sharing you and your son’s story and journey with us Tina, really enjoyed this!

We definitely all need to do our part in helping remove the stigma attached to mental health disorders and behavioral problems stemming from them.

I believe the best way to do that is by speaking openly and honestly about them, especially when it comes to issues like depression, anxiety, and addiction. I mention those three because they are three so many of us are affected by — but so few people are willing to talk about because of the stigma attached to them.

As a young boy, I was unwilling to even admit to myself that I was probably dealing with severe anxiety and depression — because I thought it meant I was weak and was afraid of what others would think I guess. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Those who struggle with those issues and still find a way to smile and move forward are some of the strongest people there are — your son included. Thanks again for sharing, so glad to have you on board with us here at Journal of Journeys!

Writing About the Human Condition, via My Thoughts, Observations, Experiences, and Opinions — Founder of Journal of Journeys and BRB INC ©

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