Thanks for this Tammy! I was diagnosed with severe migraines as a kid, it was eventually discovered they were being caused by a cyst near my brain. I needed MRI’s every 3 months just to make sure it would continue to get smaller, as Doctors suspected and it thankfully did. With it, went the frequency and severity of the migraines that used to literally cripple me. There was nothing I was ever able to do when I got one, other than take medicine and lay down with my eyes closed until it stopped. Still one of the worst kinds of pain I’ve experienced, just completely debilitating.

I’ve been lucky enough to mainly outgrow them, though whether it’s a sensitivity to headaches themselves or I just get really severe ones, when I do get a headache today, it’s usually really bad but thankfully short lived.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, there’s obviously many others out there going through the same, we’re rarely alone in our pain.

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