The Doctor’s Office on My Corner is More of a Danger to My Neighborhood Than the Guy on My Street Who Sells Weed

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I don’t write this based off in depth research, I write it from personal experience. Mine and that of so many others. Those of every age, race and stage in life. Because I assure you, drugs and addiction do not discriminate. And I also assure you the drugs that pose the biggest threat to us today are coming from Doctors and pharmacies, not dealers and street kids. Even the most dangerous drugs on the street today, are being made more deadly with the help of pharmaceuticals such as Fentanyl and Carfentanil.

For those unfamiliar, Carfentanil is an elephant tranquilizer considered to be 5,000 times as potent as heroin. While yes, it’s the dealers responsible for cutting the heroin they sell with the Carfentanil — it is the pharmaceutical and medical industries who are responsible for the fact the dealers have access to it. Last time I checked — folks selling dope on the corner never took a Hippocratic oath — so no, their lack of a moral compass doesn’t shock me. It’s the failure of our Government to do anything meaningful about it that bothers me. It’s the Doctors responsible for getting everyday Americans hooked to opiate and opioid pain killers before cutting them loose cold turkey without a second thought I’m appalled by. And it’s what’s killing our nation’s kids.

There is a Doctor’s office on my corner that specializes in “Pain Management”. What that means essentially, is he prescribes opiate painkillers. That is how Doctor’s today manage pain — and the crooked ones do a lot more prescribing than managing. This Doctor has people lined up waiting for the office to open, an hour before it actually does. They look sad, sick and desperate. As opposed to just in pain, as they were when they first began seeing Dr. Feelgood. This has gone on for years. It’s a running joke in the neighborhood. The only thing is, it’s so far from funny.

It’s so far from funny because though I wrote the title and first paragraph for this story before work this morning — while I was at work I received a phone call informing me another friend of mine from High School passed away from a lethal overdose, just this morning. He had just gotten clean a few months ago, we actually became closer than we were in High School. But now he’s dead. And I’d be willing to bet either Fentanyl or Carfentanil show up in his toxicology report. Heroin isn’t even killing people anymore, it’s the pharmaceuticals it’s cut with that is killing our Nation’s citizens at an alarming rate. I hold Big Pharma responsible for my friend’s death.

Meanwhile, the friendly Mexican fellow a few doors down from me had his door kicked in a few weeks ago — for selling pot. Three squad cars, two patty wagons and half a swat team to take down the guy who gives me a big hello every time I see him, who shoveled my walk way when I was out of town a few months ago when it snowed and who takes care of his pregnant wife and two kids on a daily basis. Nothing for Doctor Feelgood though, business is still booming down that end of the block. I’m shocked by none of it and yet disgusted by all of it. Trump’s America isn’t looking as great as he promised it would.

The fact we’re even still locking people up for selling weed is a fucking joke. It’s not a gateway drug. In fact, very little that they taught you in school about Marijuana is true. You know what the gateway to heroin is? Narcotic painkillers, prescribed by my Doctor and yours. Yet it’s the Mexican selling pot they deem a criminal rather than the Doctor down the street running a pill mill. Big Pharma is the only reason Marijuana isn’t being used more widely to treat chronic pain. They know it’s a non addictive solution, with very few side effects, to their synthetic opioids that’re turning people into shells of their former selves, even if they never lead to them doing heroin.

Until this issue is given more than lip service and PR stunts to make it look like something is being done, nothing will change. Legislation was put in by Senator Chuck Schumer to decriminalize Marijuana nationwide, appropriately enough on 4/20. The bill would not only decriminalize it but it would also take it out of the schedule 1 classification, which deems it of having “no medical use”. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this latest bill but given our Government’s track record, I can’t say my hopes are very high. I just hope I’m wrong and something is done while I still have a few friends left who don’t permanently reside in cemeteries.

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