The Real Issue With The Kevin Spacey Scandal That Nobody’s Mentioning

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Sunday night, a man alleged that well known actor Kevin Spacey tried to have sex with him over 30 years ago, when the man was just a 14 year old boy. Kevin Spacey would have been 26 at the time, making it wildly inappropriate. As if those allegations weren’t horrible enough to bury the career of the House of Cards and American Beauty star, the actor followed them up by releasing a statement in which only further dug his grave. I personally found the statement almost as troubling as the allegations themselves.

Spacey went on to not deny the allegations, yet claim he has no memory of them. He then apologized for the alleged inappropriate actions before writing them off to “drunken behavior”, if they did occur. Lets stop right there.

If a 14 year old boy accused me of trying to have sex with them, I would immediately deny it, knowing the accusations couldn’t possibly be true due to the fact I’ve never tried to have sex with neither a male, nor a minor. My question is, what about these allegations made him apologize for them, if he has no memory of them? It seems to me a person would only apologize for something they didn’t remember — be it because of time passed or alcohol consumed — if the claim made was one they felt sounded like something they would do. I believe that is the problem being heavily overlooked with these allegations. The fact a child came out stating Spacey tried to have sex with him when he was barely a teen and rather than own them and apologize, he claims to not recall them, yet apologizes anyway?

It is my opinion one of two things took place in Spacey’s mind after these allegations were made. He either remembers them and is hoping by claiming to not recall them, maybe some people will believe they didn’t occur OR he genuinely doesn’t recall them happening but knows they happened because he has done this time and time again. Too many to recall perhaps? He apologized for the allegations because he knows they took place, period. People don’t apologize for things they don’t believe they did. Hell, most people have a problem apologizing for something they know they did.

The troubled actor heard the allegations and something in his mind said “Yeah, sounds like me when I drink, let me apologize”. This would be comparable to if a young lady claimed I said something mean or nasty to her at a keg party ten years ago and I didn’t quite recall it. Such claims would lead me to have the same exact reaction Spacey did. I may not recall them specifically but I know I’ve probably said at least one or two mean or nasty things to females when I was drinking as a teenager, so I’d take the Spacey defense of not recalling but apologize anyway. Knowing, there was a solid chance her claims were true. If claims were made against me that I didn’t remember and didn’t sound like something I would typically do, I wouldn’t apologize. Why would I?

Then there is the issue of him immediately trying to spin the allegations into a public coming out party for himself. In the very same statement he apologized for allegations he claims to not recall, he then went on to state he chooses to live as an openly gay man. Again, evasive and deflective. As if the general public was just going to ignore the fact you seemingly tried to have sex with a 14 year old boy and then commend you for your bravery of coming out as gay.

Kevin Spacey has either tried to have sex with so many under aged boys that he doesn’t remember this specific time, or he remembers it precisely and is deflecting by writing it off to being drunk and having no memory of it — before telling the world he is gay. Either way, I’ll never be able to look at the classic American Beauty the same way again.

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