The Vendetta Between Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos is Turning Once Respectable American Institutions Into Political Pawns

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Remember when Newspapers printed actual news and not just their political opinions? Before billionaires bought them up out of boredom. How about when we didn’t have a giant orange malignant tumor with a Twitter addiction and no self control for a President? And before the likes of the two clashed — with complete disregard for anyone they harm in the process. Those were the days.

The Washington Post has become nothing more than a bundle of Anti-Trump propaganda. The U.S Postal Service — The political equivalent of a puny kid caught between two muscle bound jocks throwing punches at each other.

It should be understood, outside of purchasing The Washington Post and turning it into what boils down to a platform for his personal opinions — as written by other writers as news, I have nothing against Mr. Bezos or Amazon. My issue, is not that I disagree with his views, which should also be noted before you read any further. I’m about the furthest thing from a Trump supporter you’ll find. It’s what I consider to be a corruption of an American Newspaper I’m bothered by, regardless of my political opinions.

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Meanwhile — on the other side — Trump drags the already struggling United States Postal Service into it. Bashing them in Tweets, interviews and speeches obsessively, much like he’s been doing with Amazon and Jeff Bezos since a time that dates back before he was even President, simply for doing business with Amazon and allegedly not charging nearly what they should be.

As if that’s not enough, a full fledged investigation into The Postal Service’s finances has now been launched, thanks to our President who’s more than willing to use his executive power to settle old scores from High School. If news broke Bezos banged his prom date way back when, I wouldn’t be shocked. The whole thing might actually make more sense.

If you take Trump’s Tweets as a source of truth, which I wouldn’t recommend doing — The United States Postal Service loses $1.50 for every package they deliver for Amazon. While I find this to be fiscally impossible let alone sustainable, President Trump does nothing but provide negative press to the already struggling but once great American Institution of The USPS, in his attempted efforts to stain the name of Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

Two billionaires, who themselves have combined to put countless mom and pop shops, and other formidable corporate competitors out of business with their cut throat practices and policies backed by Corporations others simply didn’t have a fraction of the capital to compete with — are now toying with some of the oldest staples of this country. Not even necessarily out of greed but out of their own sheer pettiness, vindictiveness and political reasoning. Through their money, pull and executive power. it’s nothing new — it’s just gross.

I can’t be the only one who finds this disgusting, can I?

I like my Alexa as much as the next guy and dislike my President more than I have any who formerly served — but dare I say, Jeff Bezos is almost as responsible for this childish feud with grown up consequences to many including themselves, as Trump himself is. It takes two to tango.

I’m bothered by all of this, because I know in the end, it’ll be little guys who pay. Because it always is. It’ll be the mailman who’s laid off after a decade of service, which may have been inevitable anyway thanks to the internet in general but pressure from The Commander in Chief doesn’t help.

And if Amazon is truly taking advantage of The USPS, shame on them. That being so, even if it is the case, it’s being done in the name of Capitalism as opposed to a petty feud between the wealthy — which I somehow find more tolerable.

I used the term war of attrition in my subtitle because Time Magazine recently reported Jeff Bezos has lost as much as $16 Billion in total since the day his squabble with Trump began. Though there’s clearly other factors and variables at play in the man’s net worth than Donald Trump — I fail to see how making an enemy out of The President of The United States could ever be good for your bottom line. Trump won’t stop with The USPS. A Washington insider told Axios “Trump is obsessed with Amazon” — and more specifically Bezos himself. He’ll take down anyone who gets in his way while he’s at it.

Meanwhile, The President of our United States has a paper whose entire agenda lies in making him look like the fool he is. And not just any paper — not The Tucson Times — but The Washington Post. Like I said, it’s not the perspective or strategy I disagree with, it’s the principle. Bezos is wrong.

And it’s not likely Bezos’ efforts will stop with the purchase of The Post. There are no real limitations to the power of a man reported to be worth $114 Billion — after the $16 Billion dollar loss. Officially making him the richest man in the world, on paper. Imagine the strings he’s able to pull behind the scenes if what he’s doing in plain sight is purchasing newspapers and propagandizing them.

Meanwhile, in the other corner, we have the current leader of the free world.

Too narcissistic to let bygones be bygones yet too greedy to set a tax sanction that would truly hit the Amazon kingpin where he lives — over there in BillionaireVille, where Newspapers are bought and paid for at will. Because it’s a territory too close to his own — despite their reported $111 Billion difference in net worths. What wins in the end, power or money? Hard to say when one rarely comes without the other. At least not at the level of Trump and Bezos.

The night Donald Trump was voted into office, my prediction was he would serve the likes of himself, simply because he knew no other way — and I’ll be damned if he hasn’t done exactly that.

From a capitalistic standpoint, I respect what Amazon has done as well as what Jeff Bezos has done with it. I understand why he bought The Washington Post and don’t get me wrong, the revolutionary in me loves it. The strategic in me commends it. I fully get it. But it’s just wrong. It’s not what news should be. Especially not out of our Nation’s Capital. Money shouldn’t be able to buy you that kind of power and when it can, nobody’s safe.

Afterword: It Should be noted Brian did as little research for this post as Trump has put into anything he’s ever said. Don’t @ him, bro.



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