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Drugs will court you when your young and convince you they’re nothing more than pure sport or fun. After all, the more famous someone is, the more of them they’ve done.

They’ll catch you when you least expect it. When your weakness has been detected. Never mind those you’ve seen get arrested or who seem to be infected.

Drugs convince you they’ll never steer you wrong. They’ll help you to become comfortably numb, did you not hear the song?

Slowly but surely they began to take a hold on you. They leave your loved ones hopelessly searching for the old you.

So many dreams were killed by a needle. Now pills seem to be the thrill of the people.

The same Doctor who tells you cigarettes are killing you, sells you poison in a script that your favorite pharmacy fills for you.

Drugs become not just what you do but who you are. They’ll make a loser out of a shooting star.

Whatever your feeling, there’s a pill for it. One you won’t be able to chill or quit, you might even kill for it.

So please, when drugs inevitably ask you to dance, learn to walk away from a bad romance while you have the chance.

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