What I Am, Am Not, and Never Will Be

I ain’t going nowhere, so let’s both get to know me.

Brian Brewington
3 min readJan 27, 2024


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Before I walked around like some pushover, Kush will make you sober.

President Bush was the same as Homer. Simpson that is. This Greta’s

become a real thorn in my berg, when the fuck did we start listening to

kids? Porn is more than a word, it's creating scores of scars on the souls of

your kids, they’re all perverted and perturbed. Back before we as

Americans started to believe we could be murdered by words. Hurt by

herbs back before these street kids would leave you hurt on the curb.

I’m no poet, just a dirty street philosopher, I wait til you get stuck up and go

and mug the robbers. Then their Mothers and their fathers and if they got

siblings them too. I swing back around to return your possessions for a fair

commission and regularly try to convince you to buy a revolver, so you can

stop trying to depend on city coppers if the incident doesn’t call for the

chopper. You want them to show up the same week you call them



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