Wow Ana, first and foremost let me apologize for my delayed response. Medium is killing me, I’m not getting notifications when people respond to my stories and now my email notifications for it are being sent to my promotions folder, which I never check.

And no you certainly didn’t bore me or annoy me with your very well thought out and in depth response to the question I posed. All makes perfect sense and I guess in my heart of hearts, were things I knew.

Like Jessica Wildfire said above, context is everything.

And as far as the single thing goes, I kind of have gotten to a place where I’ve gone without any kind of relationship with a female for a awhile now. Mainly because I stopped applying myself I think?

Which is probably what provoked the thought of not wanting to end up alone, just fear. Because I very much so enjoy my own company. I think for awhile I was certain I’d be fine without a formal relationship(sorry,didn’t know what other term to use) but then realized, all those other kinds, though a primal need as a human being, just leave you feeling empty, when they become habit or the norm.

Thanks again for reading and for the great response. Enjoy your day!

Oh and yeah,I’m 31.

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