Let my story be one of caution — and hopefully, one that helps bring actual awareness to the issue and how common it is.

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I wish I didn’t have to tell this story. I wish I wasn’t able to because it wasn’t something that happened — or a thing I’m still smack in the middle of dealing with.

Also, I wish I could tell you I was blameless in this. That I played no…

It hasn’t been easy, but then again nothing worth doing is.

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I vividly remember the exact moment I decided that I’d had enough and needed to finally do something about it. You see, every addict and alcoholic has those “I’ve had enough” moments throughout their time using. …

Why the media, cultural commentators, talk show hosts, BLOGGERS, and the general public relentlessly overanalyze and unfairly pick apart every move certain celebrities and entertainers make.

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We live in the rust-rotted age of cancel culture. One where you’re supposed to be overly cautious about what you say and do in public.

Or even in private, if it’s within potential earshot or camera click of TMZ, or any similar gang of bottom-feeding vultures who call themselves reporters…

Just because stories about how much money you made here last month get views, doesn’t make them any more interesting.

If you’re writing to tell us about how much cash the Paid Partner Program made you last month and have the nerve to end the post with a banner asking me to buy you a cup of coffee — please understand you are the kind of writer who makes me…

I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist, only that it isn’t as prevalent or as common as the powers that be would have us believe.

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When you think about America — better yet, the entire world and life as a whole, both yours and mine and his and hers — is equality the first word that comes to mind? Probably not.

Is it even in the top ten though? Again, probably not — not if…

Not writing or life advice, just my take on and experience writing in this time of technology and social media, as industries rapidly evolve or die a slow death.

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If my Mother, the potential employer I might one day again depend upon for food if this shit doesn’t work out for me, or otherwise could be love interest wanted to, they could find out a lot of the worst things about me, fairly quickly — provided they had an…

The best education is informal and experience-based.

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There is a variety of things society subconsciously tries to convince us of when we’re young and should they succeed, changing our minds about them later in life can prove difficult.

One of them I thankfully never bought into was the old myth about artists not being able to make…

A peace offering of sorts from a tired writer trying his best

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I have spent the last year and a half almost to the day, trying to find something that even remotely resembles relief from what I can only describe as a dark, heavy, life-crippling depression.

The only benefit to it is it makes me forget all about the generalized anxiety that…

Romance isn’t dead but chivalry killed itself

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The truth is, I felt dead when you said it was over. Yet I acted more concerned with buying new clothes instead of finding closure. Went from drunk in love together, to spending the next 7 years with my lonesome, never sober.

I passed our old apartment the other day…

We’re all guilty of it on occasion but I’ll explain why I do my best to not worry about the narratives others create about me

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One of our existential flaws as human beings is our damning internal desire for others to like us and accept us — despite how imperfect we know even the most put-together person walking earth’s surface is.

Why is it so important to us, for people we know to be of…

Brian Brewington

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